Thursday, 4 February 2010

some form of arrangement...

At the minute, i'm just contemplating over what kind of arrangement i would have in my installation, therefore looking through different kinds of erotic photography i am focusing on and taking the elements of the surroundings in which all of the models are placed. 

I don't know what it is about this photograph that i like so much. The posture, the positioning, the expression, the clothing. I really love the use of stairs; adds an oscillating feel to it, in combination with the torn surroundings its complimentary. 

I adore the natural surroundings especially in juxtaposition with the figure. It brings a wholesome yet buoyant tone to the frame, a quality i would not necessarily want to include within my installation but still a questionable concept that is viable.

 I admire the theme of this photograph. The outfit especially; dungarees are the best kind of garment, along with the over-sized specs, scraggy hair and toplessness, they all very much embody the ambience of a comedown. With the receiver hanging off the line it's simply effective. 
 Very much liking the position as well as the expression and gesture being made that signifies a rather lustful feeling.

 I also very much like the essence of juxtaposition in this image. The utilisation of the mattress along with the red clown shoes cascades the hollow figure as a faint outline and precedes it within the surroundings. There is a play on escape, a distance, some form of resistance or repellence, it is this, right here in which i am wanting to hold. I am drawn away from the body, it is just a white silhouette. It is overshadowed by props. This could be useful.

This photograph encapsulates very much the primary ideology i am seemingly aiming to signify within my installation. Everything visual here is apparent. I love the collaboration of the piano with the model in the entrapment of rope, repelling elements that compliment the mood. The use of the rope is an aesthetic example of the Japanese discipline of sexual bondage or BDSM called Shibari. An element i am utilising as a visual tool. 

What i adore about this photograph is the location chosen and the angle in which it is taken. The scenic quality blends with the slight reflection of the girl and parts her physicality entirely. She seems vehement to the outside, her expression, the tilt of her neck and her pronounced extrusion dominate the windowed exposure. Through the eyes of the mask she is masterful in her wake. 

This is stunning. I like blinds very much and they are integral to this picture. Light becomes the accessory to the dwelling of the figure and the presence of her mood.

Sunday, 31 January 2010


After scrolling around the web in search of anything that would tend to my ever-growing knowledge of BDSM, i quickly came across this very insightful archive which has provided a rather in-depth dialogue of certain topics that i am perhaps wanting to take further. My main aim is to instigate as much of a visceral catalogue as possible from these concepts. 

This aspect is what i intialised originally. My intentions have migrated far far ahead as i have taken a firm plunge into the world of restraint.

Some examples of articles that describe particular scenarios which could add a structured element to my progression. I find them very enlightening in terms of just how realistic some situations turn out to be, sometimes even through no fault of their own or the individuals that are involved. It's fascinating regarding what kind of fantasies someone might have, how they choose to act them out and the difference that they can make.  

This is a brilliant article. It is quite inculcating to assume the ideals set relative to the function of religion in correlation towards this kind of sexuality. I have a pertinent interest in the underlying theistic theme of the fetishistic and the brandishing of psychological inherency. There is an intimate ascent towards the procurement of an ostensibly embellished divinity. 

It is quite fulfilling to read up on such a juxtaposed concept in respect of where i am heading. Through my findings my direction has been concentrated on the visually symbolic and regarding such an adaptable topic, i believe there is palatable necessity to introduce a referential appropriation of this in amalgamation with the essence of restraint.

Friday, 29 January 2010

focus point...

As time has gone by i've been filling up on my research taking as many varying references as possible, although with the way i'm progressing my intentions seem to be a little blind sighted. I am trying to maintain the focus of the brief and clearly communicate the idea in mind and therefore my thoughts have regressed a little. Heading straight back to the drawing board taking the theme of Resistance itself and subjecting it to sexual desire. I am thinking to direct my energy to the portrayals of BDSM. I think the mechanics of exchanging roles of dominance and submission into the realms of fantasy and curiosity provides a significant honeycomb to unfold. 

Throughout my research i came across this wonderful plethora of blissful photography...


Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I've just been indulging in the wonders of FFFFOUND in search of certain resources that spark any little ounce of utilisation. I've been thinking about the workings of an installation and the essence of constructing a set, what kinds of props to use, whether to use models, that kind of thing. I was thinking how much of a necessity there is with including certain symbolic objects or accessories such as masks, stockings, knee-high socks, tights, headwear and so forth along with what kind of outifts that would be the most successful.

Chiharu Shiota...

I thought this Japanese installation artist would be worth a quick mention, although not having any major connection or direct relevance in relation to the stuff that i'm doing currently, i find her enveloping. The sheer scale and occupation of a space that she emblazons with such enigmatic haunting and inexorable unnerving, she constitutes her personal avenue of designation within existence. 

As i say her influence on my own working with installation is a little out of league however, i am just looking at the use of material and objects fused with the space itself and how it is rendered in combined form as relation to the proposed message or idea. I very much like the concept of performance art or a personal ceremony in which Chiharu is signifying in the bathtub...conceivably enlightening. 

Chiharu Shiota



Wednesday, 20 January 2010

chosen material...?

From mulling over the functional side of `Resistance`; the essence of resisting something in particular, my mind has wandered into the realms of human desire. This is mainly within the sense of attraction, stemming from the idea of a reaction of instinctive sexual urges and how these would collect as lustful temptations along with how these can compound within neighbouring perversions such as fantasies, pornography and seduction. I am wanting to focus on how such lecherousness may be suppressed.

My intrigue is filled by the way in which people may place certain restrictions in the face of attraction and class their desired intentions as negative acts in a similar context to guilty pleasures. From this, there are numerous allocations that can be expanded with such as confidence, charm, beauty, impression, personality etc.

With my collection of ideas i spoke to my tutor. From delivering as much of an outline as possible he seemed fairly confused at what exactly i was attempting and/or challenging...and so was i. 

Despite my cogitations, my informed direction is somewhat mislead by the ways of the brief mainly in regards to how i can work within the boundaries of a poster format with my subject matter. My main worry would be how i can creatively and effectively congregate aspects of my material and transpire them into symbolic innuendo-like features that function within the mechanics of a two-dimensional visceral plane. This initiates more brainstorming in relation to cementing justified imagery that correlates well in signified form. 

Unto all this, when discussing all of my shizzle with my tutor, we got on to a small debate of what i found most interesting medium-wise and starting deliberating over installation work. For a very long time i have always incredulously adored the grandeur of installations and had bountiful aspirations of wanting to try them out for myself. I yearn for it. For my last project in a group i had the chance to indulge somewhat. I am jealous of space, open space, having the opportunity to mould it, shape it, fill it, change it in whatever way possible and changing it again for the hell of it. It is so easy to submerge yourself into and adopt the space, entice and encapsulate it. 

I suggested a certain concern of taking on a task as an installation by myself with how i could bring it to fruition considering obtaining a space and utilising it to it's full potential. My tutor reassured me of the responsibility involved and proposed a different angle. Basically constructing an installation, forming a set, using models, props, lighting and so forth, and then capturing all of it in one frame through photography. This could then be applied as a poster, through some rework on some editing software, it could end up very successful. I love it...

My research is to continue within the 3rd dimension...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

figures of change...

Just looking at some people that have made noise in the world...the affect of positive/negative change that provides a lens of social understanding...with the idea of political resistance i wanted to highlight familiar figures that have cemented their faces in history...

It's strange to think how in such a post-modern era the sanctity of such historic predecessors that have guided the moulding of our social ways have become inconceivably disconcerted by the appropriations of mainstream society and almost besmirched in respect of their triumphs and marking upon the world; perhaps only to statement an unoriginal suggestion of change or attention.