Thursday, 4 February 2010

some form of arrangement...

At the minute, i'm just contemplating over what kind of arrangement i would have in my installation, therefore looking through different kinds of erotic photography i am focusing on and taking the elements of the surroundings in which all of the models are placed. 

I don't know what it is about this photograph that i like so much. The posture, the positioning, the expression, the clothing. I really love the use of stairs; adds an oscillating feel to it, in combination with the torn surroundings its complimentary. 

I adore the natural surroundings especially in juxtaposition with the figure. It brings a wholesome yet buoyant tone to the frame, a quality i would not necessarily want to include within my installation but still a questionable concept that is viable.

 I admire the theme of this photograph. The outfit especially; dungarees are the best kind of garment, along with the over-sized specs, scraggy hair and toplessness, they all very much embody the ambience of a comedown. With the receiver hanging off the line it's simply effective. 
 Very much liking the position as well as the expression and gesture being made that signifies a rather lustful feeling.

 I also very much like the essence of juxtaposition in this image. The utilisation of the mattress along with the red clown shoes cascades the hollow figure as a faint outline and precedes it within the surroundings. There is a play on escape, a distance, some form of resistance or repellence, it is this, right here in which i am wanting to hold. I am drawn away from the body, it is just a white silhouette. It is overshadowed by props. This could be useful.

This photograph encapsulates very much the primary ideology i am seemingly aiming to signify within my installation. Everything visual here is apparent. I love the collaboration of the piano with the model in the entrapment of rope, repelling elements that compliment the mood. The use of the rope is an aesthetic example of the Japanese discipline of sexual bondage or BDSM called Shibari. An element i am utilising as a visual tool. 

What i adore about this photograph is the location chosen and the angle in which it is taken. The scenic quality blends with the slight reflection of the girl and parts her physicality entirely. She seems vehement to the outside, her expression, the tilt of her neck and her pronounced extrusion dominate the windowed exposure. Through the eyes of the mask she is masterful in her wake. 

This is stunning. I like blinds very much and they are integral to this picture. Light becomes the accessory to the dwelling of the figure and the presence of her mood.

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  1. I like the female figure, although bondage doesnt really appeal to me per se, I do like the female form exhaulted into art.


    Tumblr is rife with stuff like this