Sunday, 31 January 2010


After scrolling around the web in search of anything that would tend to my ever-growing knowledge of BDSM, i quickly came across this very insightful archive which has provided a rather in-depth dialogue of certain topics that i am perhaps wanting to take further. My main aim is to instigate as much of a visceral catalogue as possible from these concepts. 

This aspect is what i intialised originally. My intentions have migrated far far ahead as i have taken a firm plunge into the world of restraint.

Some examples of articles that describe particular scenarios which could add a structured element to my progression. I find them very enlightening in terms of just how realistic some situations turn out to be, sometimes even through no fault of their own or the individuals that are involved. It's fascinating regarding what kind of fantasies someone might have, how they choose to act them out and the difference that they can make.  

This is a brilliant article. It is quite inculcating to assume the ideals set relative to the function of religion in correlation towards this kind of sexuality. I have a pertinent interest in the underlying theistic theme of the fetishistic and the brandishing of psychological inherency. There is an intimate ascent towards the procurement of an ostensibly embellished divinity. 

It is quite fulfilling to read up on such a juxtaposed concept in respect of where i am heading. Through my findings my direction has been concentrated on the visually symbolic and regarding such an adaptable topic, i believe there is palatable necessity to introduce a referential appropriation of this in amalgamation with the essence of restraint.

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