Sunday, 17 January 2010

...and it begins!

Over the course of the Christmas break I kind of dug myself into a hole regarding certain events that took unwritten priorities alongside my work. Unfortunately due to a culmination of things i wasn't able to complete the previous brief even before the break therefore adding to my worries and resulting in a rather unsettling feeling of `how the fuck can i get this shit done?` 

After a grueling period of exalting as much interest as i could into the last project in order to keep on track, my efforts did not prevail and i received a deferral, however, after speaking with my tutor and discussing the situation, i received the perfect reassurances i needed in order to successfully set aside everything else and lay down a fresh slate. 

I now embellish a sigh of relief and crack my knuckles as the next brief that we have been given stirs a significantly alluring twinge in my curious belly.  

Thanks to our peers, we have been generously given a choice between two project recommendations set individually to each student from the D&AD Student Awards that would most likely bedazzle each of our infatuations...and they most certainly have for myself. Now to just make a selection...

1.  onedotzero 

"The City is constantly in transition and mutation, disappearing behind changing environments and shifting identities. Create your own 'adventure in motion' that explores this."

I very much like the sound of this brief...the city itself is a concept i continually find myself contained by and dying to understand a hell of a lot more when trapped inside of is a defiant's commercial's smothering is an enveloping canopy of influence. The only thing that worries me is the fact that a completed animation is required as a final piece. From my own perspective i do not think i have the level of ability to be able to confidently and efficiently produce a moving image `adventure` especially within the deadline along with a sufficient amount of research to justify it.

2. Don't Panic

" Create an image for Don't Panic that captures the theme of Resistance." 

My initial thoughts on this brief were no different to the usual niches that would be assumed by most; connotations such as authority, governments, revolutions, rebellion (political activist point of view) extending into such sub-sections as marches, riots, protests into the more underlying reasons like beliefs, religion, discrimination etc. and the branches continue...

However, assuming these concepts i hold a certain dissatisfaction to digging deeper as i just find them way too generic to expand my creativity. I always crave a little taboo or something a bit unorthodox and unexpected. Within the brief it states to basically look outside the box and i've just been looming over how resistance may apply to other peculiar things. After brainstorming more ideas in relation to the political side of it all and laying a good foundation to fall back on i started to question the verb function of resist something...

and the branches continue... 

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